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A few months ago i started reading some thick books. I'm still reading most of these thick books. I really want to start a new, fast, exciting book. But i can't justify starting a new book when I'm in the middle of so many thick ones. I'm determined to finish. I like finishing what I've started, however painful it may be. So here's an update on the books I'm reading or recently finished.

1. The Reason for God by Tim Keller (finished)

This book is great. Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC, writes about common objections to Christianity. Much of it is familiar to me since he preached a sermon series on these topics while I attended Redeemer. It is a fantastic book for both Christians and non Christians--very intellectual, yet accessible at the same time. The website (http://www.thereasonforgod.com/) has a lot of interesting links and free sermon downloads.

2. Path Between The Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal by David McCullough

I'm 75% through this book and really enjoying it, but nonfiction books take me longer to get through. The history is very detailed and fascinating. I became interested in the Panama Canal when I worked on a project that had to do with its expansion at my former job. Currently, the French have failed and the Americans are taking over and have just eliminated the problem of yellow fever.

3. The Complete Stories Flannery O'Connor

The best way I can think of to describe her stories is that they are haunting. Her stories are remarkable in their portrayal of human nature and present the characters' search for meaning and redemption. I also like them because I can easily sit down and read one in about 15 minutes. The one I read last night (The Geranium) left me with such a vivid mental image that I had strange dreams all night long.

4. The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James

I started this book in October and have been laboring through it verrrrrry slowly ever since. It just isn't capitvating at all. However, I still want to finish it. I might have to start skim reading.


lkrodriguez said...

thanks for sharing your book list! i've been wanting to read keller's book - glad you found it worthwhile. stick with james' novel... his literary style is definitely long-winded but the development of isabel's psychological transformation make it the classic it is - has she met madame merle yet??

Lindsay H. said...

she just met madame merle. i keep sticking with it because i have a feeling that it's going to be worth it in the end. kind of like a russian novel that takes forever, but you're really glad you made the effort to finish it. let me know what you think of keller's book.