skip it

i think this commercial is really funny. it made me wonder what songs/artists on my iPod are embarrassing. so i've been playing my iPod on shuffle the past few days to see what comes up. here are a few of the songs that made me laugh and sent me scrambling to skip to the next song...

  • toxic / britney spears
  • when you really love someone / bryan adams
  • these boots were made for walkin' / jessica simpson
  • i'll see you when you get there / coolio
  • wannabe /spice girls
  • how do u want it / 2Pac
  • i do / 98 degrees

what songs do you have in your music collection that make you dart for the 'skip' button?

[it's a small world after all just came on. wow. that's going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day...]