a few recent baking successes.

1) i have a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. the secret ingredient is pudding mix. it makes them super moist. and ultimately delicious. i made them 2 weeks ago for a co-worker's birthday. and then i made them again last week for my boss' birthday. my co-workers now are addicted to my cookies. just like at mercer. (let me know if you want the new chocolate chip recipe!)

2) i made mini pies for our church picnic. i wanted to make pie, but i didn't think it would be very easy to eat at a picnic. so i made the crust and pushed it into cupcake pans and made little mini pies. they were REALLY good.


Allison said...

I really want the chocolate chip cookie recipe. Mmm... yummmy, chewy, tasty, chocolate chip cookies. I have a great oatmeal chocolate chip recipe if you want it. They are the best, and huge, and moist I have ever had!

marzbarz said...

oh my gooooodness, Linds PLEASE share this recipe with me! Pudding mix? In cookies? This sounds so good that I don't know if my brain will be able to return to focusing on the med school app essay I'm trying to write. Sweet.

Ruth said...

Linds, I would LOVE the recipe for your cookies...they look delicious. I know that all of your recipes have high quality control so I'm sure they are amazing!

TLC said...

I would really love to get this recipe from you!!! Can you email it to me? I need to make some smokin' CCCs for a Christmas party and this seems like a great option!

My email is: tlc at taraleighcobble with the period followed by the com