you know you...

...drank too much coffee when your hands start jittering and you can't type around 11 am

...are becoming addicted to caffiene when the jittering stops and your coffee intake hasn't decreased

...live pretty far north when it's still light out at 9:30 pm

...have bad posture when your neck feels like it's about to break at the end of a day of work

...have run up and down the set of 275 stairs too many times when your legs shake for 3 hours after you've finished

...have had a bad morning when you spend 6:00-6:30 AM stuffing trash in the dumpster and then scrape your new car's door on the garage on the way to work, setting yourself back a paycheck.

...have a better job when you have time (and are not too tired) to workout, cook, read, watch tv, knit, etc after work