the bright light of hindsight

life has been frustrating lately. i have lots of questions. i have hardly any answers. i had a plan. i'm realizing that God has a different one because things aren't falling in line the way i thought they would.

little things remind me that God is still in control and i am not. little things get me through the days where all of my plans fall apart.

here are a few of those 'little things' from today.

from a commentary about the move the polar express. "As the conductor remarks to the boy, 'It doesn't matter where you're going; what matters is deciding to get on.' Often we allow life's disappointments to make us cynical. Or we expect to get something for our faith. But life usually doesn't work out according to our plans. So yes, what's important isn't where we end up or what we get, but that we trust God enough to act on faith."

from a song i've been listening to a lot recently...
we'll raise our glasses
to puzzle pieces
and the way they fit together
that we never saw til now
here's to questions
that meet their answers
in the bright light of hindsight
it will all come clear somehow
all of life's uncertainties
and all of my impatience
will just be flecks of color
in the picture that He's painting
-tara leigh cobble, 'here's to hindsight'