when the freaks come out to play...

Here are a few of my observations from last night. I went to the Halloween Parade in the Village.

1. Increasingly more each year, Halloween has become an excuse for women to dress in slutty outfits.

2. You see a whole new side of people when you see what they dress as for Halloween.

3. There are some crazy (and downright frightening) people that live in this city.

4. Sometimes it is hard to tell if people are dressed up, or if that's just what they normally wear.

5. New York City is not a good place to live if you're xenophobic. I'm not xenophobic, but I do feel chlostrophobic during these parades when there are people touching you on all sides and you can't move left or right in a crowd of people.

6. When in one of the aforementioned crowds, it's disturbing to see men in scary costumes growling at you.

7. I saw some people on the subway that had contacts that made their eyes look completely red. Now that's what I call scary.

Below is a group of my coworkers at our annual Halloween party last Thursday.