r u down with the dc Talk?

I was reminded of dc Talk on Friday when a guy in my small group referenced the song "Luv is a Verb" on their album Free At Last. When I was in middle school, dc Talk was quite possibly my favorite group. My brother and I had all their CDs and listened to them so much that we could quote the lyrics word for word.
We were taking a family road trip to visit family in Nebraska one summer in high school and we accidentally left our book of CDs at home. There was only one CD in the car--Free At Last. After listening to it on repeat for several hours, my parents were going crazy. They insisted on turning it off despite our protests. After they turned it off, we started "rapping" the songs and told my parents that we would continue to do so until they put the CD back on. I'm not sure how long we would have lasted, but I guess our rapping was so bad that my parents put the CD back on.