blast from the past

I've been sick with a sinus infection for the past two days. Yesterday, I was feeling horrible and spent practically all day in bed. Today, I'm feeling much better (thanks to modern medicine), but still stayed home from work. I've been sitting on the couch and working/catching up on emails. I've had the TV on in the background and have been watching some classic daytime television. Watching game shows and reruns of old shows reminds me of when I was sick and stayed home from school as a kid. Only instead of having my mom wait on me and bring me food, I call the restaurant of my choice and have them bring me a delivery of soup and mac & cheese. [My mom's food is better.]

Here's what I've been watching today:

The Price is Right:

Home Improvement:

Full House:

Boy Meets World:


Ms. Matthews said...

did you hear that bob parker is retiring? he says he wants to retire while he's still young. he's 83. but you wouldn't know it by that fantastic, realistic tan he has ...

Ms. Matthews said...

that would be bob barker. you know what i mean.