Some people never grow up

Plane story:
I'm coming back from Houston on Thursday night and am sitting in the middle seat. (Yes, I am a platinum member of the airline and yes, I have over 100,000 miles...how did I manage to get stuck with a middle seat? I have no idea.) Anyway, there is a man in a suit on either side of me. The man in the aisle seat was seemingly normal and all was going well until we were up in the air. The person in front of him turned around and said, "Do you mind if I lean my seat back a little bit?" It's clearly his right to put back his seat without saying anything, but he was being nice and asked before he put it back. But this man sitting next to me said no. So the person in front of him told him that he was just going to lean it back a little. The guy next to me got really bent out of shape and started yelling and making a huge deal about it. "Why did you even ask? There isn't enough room for me. Why would you do that?" Etc... Well, the man in front was nice and didn't say anything back. He just leaned his seat back a little and ignored the man's rude comments. But then, the man next to me got out of his seat to go to the bathroom about five times and got up to get things out of the overhead compartment about three times. Every time he got up, he pushed the seat of the guy in front of him so that the guy was jarred back and forth in his seat. It was his way of "sticking it to him" and I couldn't help but notice how incredibly childish it all seemed. I mean, he was 55 years old and was acting like he was 5. Unbelievable. It's a good thing the guy in front didn't have a temper or things really could have gotten out of control.