The "yeah, buts..."

Have you ever met a person that can never agree to anything? You know...that person that always has an objection, always has an argument, always has a different opinion.

For example:
A: It's a nice day out today.
B: Yeah, but it's supposed to rain.
A: This dinner tastes really good.
B: Yeah, but it took too long to come out.
A: I had a really good workout.
B: Yeah, but I got too sweaty.
A: I'm so glad it's Friday.
B: Yeah, but it will be Monday soon.

I work with a few people who I have classified as the "yeah, buts..." They don't roll with the flow, they never agree to anything, and they find it impossible to look on the bright side of things. Next time you catch yourself starting a "yeah, but" statement, try to turn it into a positive.

A: I'm so glad it's Friday.
B: Yeah, but tomorrow is Saturday which is even better.

See? It's not that hard. Just give it a try...don't fall into the "yeah, but..." category. It's so draining to be around the "yeah, buts"