i've noticed recently that at my job, when someone uses a phrase or consulting lingo, it often has an english translation. here are a few examples.

phrase: "this analysis is comparing apples to oranges"
translation: "your analysis stinks. redo it."
[for some reason, i hate this phrase...i just can't stand when people start talking about apples and oranges]

phrase: "so...i have a few changes for your slides..."
translation: "you'll be up all night fixing this"

phrase: "let's schedule a meeting to talk about that."
translation: "i don't have time to deal with you now and may or may not have time later."

phrase: "we need to push forward on this."
translation: "why isn't this done yet? i needed to be done five minutes ago."

and my personal favorite which actually happened yesterday...

phrase: "we need to have a meeting to discuss our use of internal resources."
translation: "we need to have a meeting to discuss which of us gets to use lindsay to do the grunt work."