stuffy old hotel

i realized today that i'm by far the youngest person that regularly stays in my hotel in houston. we stay at the st. regis (www.stregis.com/houston) and it is SUCH a stuffy old man hotel. besides the people i work with, i have never run into any other 20-something year old people here. in the mornings when i work out, i am a) the only woman and b) the youngest person by far. the second youngest must be at least 35.

on another hotel note, now that i stay in this hotel so often (3 nights a week, every week since january), the hotel gives me welcome platters in my room. yesterday there was a plate of cookies (it alternates between cookies and fruit). usually they leave it in the room all week, but i got back to my hotel room today to find my plate of cookies missing! i was looking forward to it--nice, soft, chewy. boo to the st. regis.