The Brothers Karamazov

I just finished reading Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov. It was a fantastic book and I highly recommend it to everyone. I came across this quote at the end that I thought was quite powerful and very insightful. Alyosha, one of the three brothers is reflecting upon his brother Ivan.

"He [Alyosha] was beginning to understand the nature of Ivan's sickness--the agony caused by his proud resolution and deep-seated feeling of responsibility. God, in whom Ivan did not believe, and His truth were beginning to overcome the heart, which still refused to submit... 'God will triumph,' Alyosha though. 'And Ivan will either rise in the light of truth or...or he will perish in hate, punishing himself and all the others for having served something in which he does not believe,' Alyosha added sadly and once again prayed for Ivan."

Isn't that so true of the people you know? They don't believe in God, but His truth is written on their hearts. As a result, they are torn and can't find peace because their hearts refuse to submit. And we have two options--we can either embrace God's truth or rebel against it. There isn't any other option. The last phrase about Alyosha praying for Ivan is also such a good reminder that I should pray for the Ivans in my life. It's sad to see the state people get themselves in by refusing to submit to God, but our response should be to pray for them.