i love going home to colorado--there's just something about going home. it's seeing the beautiful mountains, the smell of my house, the taste of my mom's cooking, the whining and barking of my dog, the weird whistling noise my shower makes. it's spending time with my family, going to the mall, getting up early to go skiing and being cold to the bone while doing it. it's family traditions, my house that's so cold you have to wear a coat and three blankets, the jingle of peaches' collar, having breakfast set out on the table when you wake up every morning, watching the broncos games and feeling so absorbed in them that your heart is pumping faster for three hours after a win and you get depressed for the rest of the day when they lose. it's feeling comfortable, feeling loved, and a feeling that i can't even describe exactly. there's just something about going home that feels so good, so familiar, so comfortable, so right. i love going home to colorado.