we be jammin'

last night i was in a cab coming back to my apartment. it was late and i had just had a very crazy and tiring day with my case team followed by a nice dinner that started at 10:30pm. so basically, i was exhausted. my cab driver had french news radio blasting for over half of the time i was in the car. then, he asked me if i spoke french. when i said no, he told me he would put on some music for me. i didn't even care...but whatever. so he turns on this spanish radio station and starts dancing in the front seat. i thought it was semi-weird, but it got stranger when he started lifiting his hands in the air and clapping every now and then (all of this while driivng!!). besides the weird dancing, he was a wonderful cab driver. he even told me he would wait and watch to make sure i got into my apartment safely before driving off. for his entertaining dance and nice attitude, i gave him a good tip.