the subway is dirty!

for the following reasons:
1. when you hold onto the handle for a while your hand feels grimy and sticky.
2. i once saw a huge mouse (that was as big as a rat) crawling around down there.
3. there was a cockroach on the subway on tuesday morning when i was going to work.

given all of these things, think about the following scenario.
i was on the subway and a couple with a baby (about 8-12 months old) sat down next to me. the baby was really cute and quite active. he had this toy that he kept shaking around and throwing it. and it kept falling on the floor of the subway and they kept picking it up and giving it back to him. but the gross thing was that he was sucking on the toy and then it fell on the ground and was immediately back in his mouth. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


Ms. Matthews said...

haha linds my aunt (from nyc) read this and laughed and said, um, sarah tell your friend that *was* a rat down there in the subway.