The doorbell to my apartment rang at 11pm tonight. I went to see who it was and chose not to open it because a) I was in my pajamas and b) I was following the advice of my parents to 'never open the door to strangers'. After I didn't open the door, a note was slipped under that read as follows, "Dear Neighbor, We just wanted to let you know that we will be having a small housewarming get-together tonight. We apologize in advance for any noise. Thank you, Apt 3E." It sounds nice and friendly, EXCEPT that by "small" she meant large and by "get-together" she meant loud party with loud music that sounds like a night club and by "we" she meant a herd of elephants. I feel like I'm Mr. Heckles--you know the old man that lived underneath Monica and Rachel's apartment on Friends? I need to find a broomstick and start banging on the ceiling with it. Good thing I'm a heavy sleeper...


Barry said...

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