Our Neighbors

There was this smell in the hallway that grew stronger as you reached the second floor landing. Sniff, sniff...smells like...POT. For weeks we wondered who the pot smokers were...was it coming in an open window? Was it really coming from our floor? The mystery was solved a few days ago when I smelled it in my room and looked out the window. There was our next door neighbor, sitting on the fire escape that our windows share, smoking pot...in the middle of the afternoon. And again today in the middle of the afternoon. And also Sunday morning when I was leaving for church. Does he work or does he just have time to sit around his apartment all day smoking pot? Molly and I were contemplating just knocking loudly on the door and yelling, "STOP SMOKING POT!!" I'm going to try to take an undercover digital picture of him next time I see him outside and I'll post it here.
UPS left a package notice at my door this morning and it said that my package was with the neighbors in 2G. So I knocked on the door and what looked like a 2-year-old child opened it. I said, "Um...hello?" thinking that his mother must be right behind him. But there was no response. Then, the door slams and I hear some yelling from inside. I was standing out there wondering if I should wait or try again later when the door opened again. Standing there was the 2-year-old, another child who was probably 5 or 6, and a Hispanic looking woman who was not their mom. She didn't say anything so I said, "Hi, I'm here about the UPS package." And I showed them the slip of paper. Well, the older child said, "Oh yes, I have your package right here." It was as if he had signed for it from UPS and put it up on the shelf. So strange...but it was worth it to receive and open a 'house warming gift' from Ali--the DVD 13 going on 30. I love that movie! It's just such a fun movie...and I saw it after my brother told me he liked it. Any chick-flick type movie that he (a midshipman at the Naval Academy) suggests usually has some redeeming qualities.