Di Fara Pizza

I had the best pizza I've ever tasted in my life today. I've always known that New York has some of the best pizza in the country, but I now believe that I have found the Holy Grail of Pizza. It's located in a Russian Orthodox Jewish section of Midwood Brooklyn. The place is owned and run by a guy named Dom DeMarco. He is the only person who makes the pizzas. He hand makes each one with fresh tomato sauce, high-quality regular mozzarella, fresh buffalo mozzarella that he imports from Italy, and a dusting of sharp, slightly nutty-tasting grana padana. This is topped off with a drizzling of olive oil.
The small restaurant was packed with people clamoring for a pizza and a seat. After waiting for our pizza for nearly an hour, we ate the first slices of our pizza standing up. It didn't matter, though. That pizza was worth every minute we waited for it. It sounds strange to describe pizza as mouth-watering, but this pizza melted in your mouth. It was glorious.